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Ecogenie Ball 2x1

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Ecogenie Ball 2x1


Imagine if you could get all of your laundry just as clean, just as fresh and just as fast without using detergents which are harmful to the environment and to your bank account?

Introducing the Ecogenie Ball! Just drop it in with your laundry and it will clean your clothes and protect your whites and colours just as well as any detergent.  But unlike detergents, Ecogenie Ball does not discharge hazardous phosphates or chemical products down the drain. That’s right - zero detergent, zero chemicals, and zero damage to the environment!

All these phosphates and chemicals in detergents stay in clothing, irritating skin, fading your clothes and deteriorating the fabric costing you even more money.  And on top of that, one scoop of detergent only lasts for one load but one single Ecogenie Ball lasts for 1000 washes - that’s up to 3 years of laundry! You can save yourself hundreds of pounds in washing powder!

The Ecogenie Ball is so convenient, it’s easy to store and will not affect how your washing machine works and you can use your preferred washing programme and temperature.  It’s made of flexible material and does not make a noise when tumbling in your washing machine.

Here’s the secret: inside are 100’s of ceramic spheres that when agitated change the surface tension of the water. At the same time, they create negative ions that energize and activate water molecules breaking apart dirt and grime from deep inside the weave of the fabric. Your clothes get clean, the environment stays green and you save money.

With this special offer we’ll send you a 2nd Ecogenie Ball absolutely free - that's 2 for the price of 1!

Imagine that - 2000 loads, 6 years of laundry plus the Fast Fold!  No more detergents to buy, no more chemicals to irritate your skin or ruin your clothes and you put hundreds of pounds back into your pocket and not down the drain.

How to use:

  • 1. Place all your laundry in the washing machine
  • 2. Add the Ecogenie Ball
  • 3. Select the washing programme you normally use.  Do not add detergent
  • 4. At the end of the programme, remove the laundry and leave the Ecogenie Ball to dry



  • Microfibre Cloths - attract dust like a magnet!

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