Starlyf Fast Sew 2x1 - Mini sewing machine

Easy, fast and portable!

  • Quick stitcher

  • Handheld sewing machine

  • Handy and cordless

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Mini sewing machine Starlyf Fast Sew 2x1
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Product Description


Starlyf Fast Sew Chrome is your own personal mini sewing machine that lets you mend all your rips and tears faster and easier than ever before. It’s perfect for on the go repairs that you can take anywhere. It fits in your purse and stiches in seconds while your skirt’s still on. Incredible. Forget those bulky, heavy sewing machines. The Starlyf Fast Sew is the smallest, most portable sewing machine that works faster, allowing you to mend your curtains while they’re still on the rod.

The revolutionary handheld sewing machine

The Fast Sew Chrome is the simplest machine you have ever had. Who would have thought that you could sew a shirt while you’re wearing it? With the Starlyf Fast Sew, it can do virtually anything a full size machine can do.

The best small sewing machine in UK

The lightweight, ultra-powerful Starlyf Fast Sew Chrome is so easy to use, allowing you to repair the trim in seconds while it’s still on the table. Amazing! It is gentle and safe on delicate silk or lace, yet powerful for the toughest fabrics, like denim or even leather. It’s so powerful that you could even repair your zipper in seconds. Get creative and sew purses, napkins and placemats. Anything you imagine, you can create with the Starlyf Fast Sew. The Starlyf Fast Sew is actually more convenient than my big bulky machine because I can take it with me everywhere I go. I can put it in my purse. I can actually put it in my glove compartment. And everywhere I go there’s always something to mend. It’s the only sewing machine that will let me repair my quilt while it’s still on my bed.

Discover how to use it with this easy tutorial


  • Quick stitcher
  • Handheld sewing machine
  • Handy and cordless
  • Lightweight
  • Fast and easy
  • For all type of materials

Requires 4 batteries AA

The offer includes


  • X 1 Starlyf Fast Sew
  • X 1 Starlyf Fast Sew FREE!
  • X 20 pieces thread and bobbin kit (10 thread + 10 bobbin)
How can I use Starlyf Fast Sew?

  • 1. First make sure the Starlyf® Fast Sew is in the lock position.
  • 2. Slide the lid on the bottom of the Starlyf® Fast Sew in the direction of the “OPEN” arrow on the lid.
  • 3. Insert four AA 1.5V batteries in the position indicated in the diagram inside the battery compartment. (Batteries not included).
  • 4. Close the lid by pushing gently in the opposite direction of the arrow.
  • 5. Hold the Starlyf® Fast Sew correctly with your thumb on the power button and your fingers wrapped around the bottom of the machine, as shown in the picture.
  • 6. To start using the Starlyf® Fast Sew, the first step, if the needle is not raised, is to raise the needle by turning the rotary wheel lockwise.
  • 7. Lift the fastening plate and place the fabric underneath. Never push down on the needle arm, as this may move the arm, even if the Starlyf® Fast Sew is locked.
  • 8. Starlyf® Fast Sew is not suitable for use with fabrics 100% silk, satin, knitwear or elastane, or fabrics that are very thick/leather.

How can I thread Starlyf Fast Sew?

  • A. Pass the thread through the eyelet on needle arm
  • B. Pass the thread on top of the tension control bobbin.
  • Adjusting Thread Tension:
  • • If stitching is too tight, turn tension control slightly to the left.
  • • If stitching is too loose, turn tension control slightly to the right.
  • C. To attach the thread more firmly, make sure you pass it through the ring located underneath the needle arm before passing it through the tension control wheel, as shown in the attached image.
  • D. Use the threader to pass the thread through needle eye from back to front.
  • E. After you have finished sewing, follow the steps below:
  • - Lock the device.
  • - Cut the thread connecting the fabric to the Starlyf® Fast Sew.
  • - Lift the needle out from the fabric by turning the rotary wheel.
  • - Lift the fastening plate.
  • - Gently separate the fabric from the sewing machine. Do not separate it abruptly, as this may damage the inner workings of the machine.
  • - After you have removed the fabric from the sewing machine, pull the opposite end of the leftover thread. This will create a knot and tie off the stitch.
  • NOTE: When you cut the thread, make sure you leave enough leftover thread to tie the stitch off correctly. Remember that if you do not tie it off, the stitching may come undone.

    How can I install a spool of thread?

    • 1. Loosen the bobbin nut and remove the bobbin.
    • 2. Slide the spool of thread onto the extension spindle.
    • 3. Connect the extension spindle to the bobbin shaft.

    How can I replace the needle?

    Loosen the set screw with a screwdriver and remove the old needle.

    The needle MUST be installed with the flat side of needle shank facing the front of Starlyf® Fast Sew.

    NOTE: make sure the needle is always straight.


Customer Reviews (28)

HelpfulReview by Elikarina T.
The sewing machine is so mini, I used it to do handicraft works for my little daughter's dolls. It is helpful.
(Posted on 15/02/2019)
Very easy to useReview by Sara J.
Mini hand held sewing machine. Easy to carry and very handy. Can be used anywhere and if need to nend curtain. Can be done without removing them.
(Posted on 15/02/2019)
HappyReview by Jack W.
Light weight and easy to handheld. It’s convenient. Nice quality with good value
(Posted on 14/02/2019)
Light and powerfulReview by Emile T.
Very nice screwing machine! It need found aa buterries. It is quite powerful. but it takes some time to learn how to use it.
(Posted on 14/02/2019)
So goodReview by Luna R
Great mini stitch machine , normally I don’t do stitch thing at home or outside anywhere, because I scared the needle, but after I got this mini machine , I feel much better. I start doing some stitching now, because this machine very easy to hold also I feel easy to control this machine. I think this is good one.
(Posted on 14/02/2019)
NiceReview by Wayne L.
Well, I have to say it helps me a lot with broken clothes and curtains, even I spend a while to do practice before using it fix something for my family, it smart and easy to handle. I decide to made a cushion cover for my dogs. Hope it helps
(Posted on 13/02/2019)
Very usefulReview by Steven T.
Bought it for little one to do the handwork, easy to use, compact and lightweight. Great portable sewing machine when you need a quick solution for simple on the spot jobs like repairs and alterations. Works very well and brilliant at the price.
(Posted on 13/02/2019)
RecommendedReview by Sue L.
Bought this for my daughter to use for her sewing class.This little machine is very ease to use. If you do not want to do a lot of fancy stitching and need a small machine this is the one for you. I thought it was a kids toy, noway it is as good as any full size machines and can handle some quite large projects. Really pleased with this buy.
(Posted on 13/02/2019)

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