Velform Sauna Reducer - Inch reduction belt

Reduce volume effortlessly

  • Get your waist back in record time

  • Different heat levels setting

  • Use it anytime, anywhere!

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Velform Sauna Reducer
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Product Description


Do you wonder how to get rid of those extra inches? The Velform Sauna Reducer is the professional thermo heat system that guarantees you'll lose unwanted inches at home with no hassle. It is designed to be worn for only 50 minutes a day so you reduce volume faster in the comfort of your home, so it's easy to sweat, sweat, sweat away those inches in the most problematic areas and sweat away those clothes sizes. You can lose inches and you don't have to do anything, just relax. It is easy to use. You will love using it all the time. To keep you looking slimmer for longer, then just keep using it every day! And now you can get it along with Slen 30, the perfect addition to help you to get rid of those unwanted inches. Slen 30 is our cryotherapy gel that is the perfect support to your Sauna Reducer belt for an amazing low price.

Digital Edition

Don´t miss this great offer! Get Velform Sauna Reducer Digital that has same benefits than Sauna Reducer but you can control the intensity and programs through incredible digital controller, for only £10 extra!

How can I lose volume and inches faster? With Sauna Reducer!

With this revolutionary thermo heat system, you'll lose inches easily. Best of all, the Velform Sauna Reducer's revolutionary large coverage design and advanced thermo-regulator allows you to control the temperature and reduces inches and volume right where you need it most. The secret is the Sauna Reducer's thermal technology. Lose that muffin top, eliminate love handles effortlessly. Helps diminish orange peel skin and those uncomfortable extra inches from your buns, hips, and thighs.

Reduce your belly size and much more

The Velform Sauna Reducer is designed to help you to reduce the volume of those problematic areas such as your belly, waist, hips and thighs but mainly where you need it most, your upper, middle, lower abs and obliques. You choose the area you want to work with our revolutionary thermo heat belt and relax in your own home, check your emails, talk on the phone or watch TV and get great results without any effort. The Velform Sauna Reducer reduces right where you want, you sweat out the toxins right where you need it most. It is the fastest way to get the slimming effect you always wanted.

Clinically tested

Not only reduces inches, but the heat feels so good, and you can control it so it never gets too hot, but you will be amazed at how much you sweat. The research from the clinical studies have concluded that heat therapy technology effectively reduces inches, and with the Sauna Reducer, it has proven statistically significant measurable reductions in the waistline. You will feel just incredible. You will feel beautiful. You will feel lighter. You will feel happier. You will feel more energized, just all around a 100% better.

The perfect addition: Slen 30

Slen 30’s really great because versus a surgical intervention, this is non-invasive, so it’s topical, it’s immediate,in only 30 minutes you will start seeing results of volume reduction, skin toned and tighten, and slimming effect. It’s basically a home run.


  • Slim your waist in record time
  • Thermal Technology - opens pores,sweat out toxins and lose volume faster
  • You can target the areas you need to work on
  • Different heat levels
  • Sauna reducer works on everybody
  • Use it anywhere

Perfect Upgrade:

  • Digital Velform Sauna Reducer
The offer includes


Velform Sauna Reducer

  • X 1 Velform Sauna Reducer
  • X 1 Nutritional Guide
  • X 1 Tape Measure

Digital Velform Sauna Reducer

  • X 1 Digital Velform Sauna Reducer
  • X 1 Nutritional Guide
  • X 1 Tape Measure
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